Donate to our Landscape Restoration Fund

Your donation will directly support Lyndhurst’s landscape restorations and programs, helping us continue to safeguard this iconic Hudson River landscape as a revitalizing resource in our cultural community for many years to come.  With the lower landscape restoration nearly complete, your donations can also be directed to:

  • $50 – Purchase a pear tree: Thanks to your support last year, the pear orchard has been restored and is now growing. We still need more varieties to provide the eating, canning and cooking pears that were typical to an heirloom garden.
  • $100 – Plant a flowering bush: Lyndhurst’s flowering shrubs were timed to provide flowering beauty from late March through mid-July, including such native species as the rhododendron maximus. 
  • $250 – Plant a flowering tree: Native flowering dogwoods were a favorite at Lyndhurst. Due to storm damage from global warming, we’ve lost many of our mature dogwoods.
  • $500 – Recreate cooling groves of trees: Prior to the advent of air conditioning, Lyndhurst’s groves of trees offered cooling shade. Help us repopulate these groves with the rare native oaks that were once plentiful.
  • $1,000 – Replace specimen trees: Our specimen trees need your support! In addition to keeping our specimen trees alive through pruning and shaping, we need to replace trees that were recently lost to storm damage. 
  • $2,500 – Plant a small garden: Each restored seating area and rockery had a small garden of flowers and ferns.  We’ve started to recreate these but have more to go.
  • $5,000 – Dedicate a restored marble bench: Who doesn’t love to sit under a tree at Lyndhurst?! The benches we’ve restored are completely unique. As the newly planted trees, bushes and understory continue to mature, each area will become its own individual oasis with your name on it!
  • $10,000 – Support the Helen Gould Tree House restoration: Replacing the Helen Gould tree house has long been a goal for Lyndhurst. Be a supporter of this restoration project and your name will be included on a plaque of sponsors.

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